Quarreling with Normal



Out on a faraway beach
feeling the warm moist wind
blowing against her face,
She became lost navigating
in her own meditation.
The waves were slapping
at the shoreline as if quarreling
with the outgoing tide,
They played a perfect accompaniment
to the rhythm of her thoughts,
sashaying their way into
quarreling with normal.
She was counting the many times
She had set her feet upon a path
to finding normal.
Now, staring at the moon
She was standing in her own truth,
Where normal had never seemed
to find her.
Jolted from her temporary solace,
She contemplated if normal
might not be just a word,
bouncing around in an orb
of complacency,
Something to be abandoned
Rather than quarreled with
or achieved.
©  2013 DiAnne Ebejer

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Birth and re-Birth

cover-photo-bookLast year I went all out for National Poetry Month with daily posts highlighting famous poets capped off with highlighting some fabulous poets I know. If you get a chance check it out here on this blog. This year I get the slug poet of the year award!  No, seriously, family medical issues have kept me otherwise occupied this month but I am still reading and posting some short quotes/poems by others on Instagram.  Below is one I like that won’t fit there so I thought I’d post it here.  Happy Nat’l Poets Month!

Pic for Alice Walker Poem

Alice Walker Poem

Have a great weekend!



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Some days we don’t recognize
each other at all…

We search through the colors
for one to identify with
Some are too bright
Some are too light
And the dark ones, well
they don’t seem to fit,
A thought we catch
But things don’t match
And so, we sit.


© DiAnne Ebejer

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With tongue in cheek 🙂


Sometimes my very favorite words

get scrambled in my head,

I want to lay them down on paper

But they fly away instead.

Why is it I can write a screenplay

while lying in my bed?

But upon arising can’t remember

a single word I’ve said?

This is the fate of the writer,

And I’m afraid it gets worse with age.

I wonder how long it’s going to be

Til’ I can’t even find the page?

© DiAnne Ebejer

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Dark Night


Life had been hard for her
in past times
And she had forsaken her will.

She was waiting for a hard knock
on the door
Saying fate could breathe life in her still.

She thought that the door may be
forever closed
Locking her in the dark night.

She didn’t realize it was just she alone
That could open the door
to the light…

© DiAnne Ebejer

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Door In The Sky


He painted a big door

into the blue sky,

Crawled in and  never even said goodbye,

And until

the day that I die,

I’ll never ever even know why…

© DiAnne Ebejer 

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If, on these library steps I had been

You may never have seen me again,

I’d read all the books from the top to the ground,

Deaf to the world I might never be found.

As the pages of each book became unfurled,

I’d escape to the beauty of each fantasy world.

I could stay in this quiet world casually reading,

Awareness of the real world slowly receding.

For who wouldn’t want this glorious respite.

From the chaos of the world we find now in our sight.

© DiAnne Ebejer


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