Poor sad men you wear a mask,

Really seeing you is a task,

We can’t see to what’s inside,

What it is you choose to hide.

Stunts and tricks, you dance and sing,

But you never say a thing.

Maybe we could look behind?

Get a peek into your mind?

Does it matter that we care?

Do you see us? Are we there?

Are you hiding what you feel?

Tell us, Tell us, Are you real?

©  2012  DiAnne Ebejer

About DiAnne Ebejer

I am retired and live on the East coast of Florida where I spend much of my time reading, playing with photography and trying to write some "poetry and then some" at dianneebejer.wordpress.com. I care deeply about many things and wish there was much more love and compassion in this world today. I also have a part time blog "Thought You Might Like This" diannesthingsat.wordpress.com used for special projects and occasional things of interest
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4 Responses to Politicians

  1. marionettes and puppets all, false behind their Judas mask, with promises and lies to please, they keep the world upon its knees.

    Love this post. Couldn’t resist adding a two-pence worth.


  2. Ha! Excellent addition! I usually stay away from politics…somehow I just couldn’t resist! Thank you, as always for your support!


  3. Tonia Marie Houston says:

    This really caught my eye. It reminds me of Dorothy Parker. It captures the frustration and despair I feel about the upcoming election. They don’t seem like real people, at all. Great post.


  4. Thank you Tonia! Yeah, me too! I just had to get a little of it out. Appreciate the comment!


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