I looked in the mirror
and the mirror provided me
with a glimpse
of a place I had not been yet.
In the mirror there seemed to be
a voice asking for attention,
And it seemed that what I knew
was becoming embarrassed
by what I did not.
In the mirror
there was a condition
that seemed to be happening
without my permission.
I wanted to climb into that face
and observe the experience
without really having it.
We can trim our desires,
but they grow back.
The mirror in our soul
will tear apart our clock,
or turn our battlefield green.


©  dianne ebejer (moons & straws)


About DiAnne Ebejer

I am retired and live on the East coast of Florida where I spend much of my time reading, playing with photography and trying to write some "poetry and then some" at dianneebejer.wordpress.com. I care deeply about many things and wish there was much more love and compassion in this world today. I also have a part time blog "Thought You Might Like This" diannesthingsat.wordpress.com used for special projects and occasional things of interest
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