When I think about the fact that
I’ve sentenced myself to this separateness,
It seems I must turn inside out
to the place in my heart that still
wants so desperately to feel connected.

As I look around at every tree,
every leaf, each and every blade
of grass trying to make it,
I’m reminded that certain things
are needed and must be taken
for survival.

We are bruised and so is the world,
We go on because me must,
We are taller than our grief,
More forgiving than our anger,
Capable of more mercy than malice.

There will be no miracles,
No trumpets or marching bands,
Only reconnecting
to goodness and kindness,
A thoughtful gesture,
A day when the lion
finally lies down with the lamb.

© 2014 DiAnne Ebejer


About DiAnne Ebejer

I am retired and live on the East coast of Florida where I spend much of my time reading, playing with photography and trying to write some "poetry and then some" at I care deeply about many things and wish there was much more love and compassion in this world today. I also have a part time blog "Thought You Might Like This" used for special projects and occasional things of interest
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9 Responses to Awakening

  1. zar4h says:

    How adorable and beautiful!


  2. poetatwork says:

    “more forgiving than our anger”…I must remember that DiAnne, thank you ❤


  3. soziebird says:

    Oh mercy …. How I understand & know this very truth ❤️


  4. It seems that almost everyone has this heartbreak. I love the way you calmly walked through, point by point.


  5. tolbert says:

    so well said DiAnne…spoken with sincerity, wisdom and promise…


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