Without Faith


(I first posted wrote and posted this in 2012.  Sad that it continues to remain as relevant if not more relevant today.)

Without Faith

Staring into the face of chaos
and what we may perceive to be
irrational national adversity,
It’s not hard to stumble into
a personal crisis of faith.
Sitting here looking out into the beauty and
the vastness of the mighty blue ocean,
I wonder if an exploration of my inner faith
is in order.
Not to seek answers about a specific
“Almighty” in an organized faith,
But an abstract seeking of spirituality
only on the inside.
It seems everything we lay eyes on today
reeks of dramatic life-and-death conflict,
turning it into florid imagery,
bringing only the tragic and ugly
to the screens that surround us.
Is it any wonder then, that
our fires to adapt ourselves to
anything good
eventually blow out?
These visions are water
on our candle flame,
dampening our spirits,
drowning our hopes,
putting cracks in our faith.
Without faith there is no way
to make it through this journey.
The exploration of faith must begin
for the candle to burn bright
inside us once again its flame of hope.


© 2012 DiAnne Ebejer


About DiAnne Ebejer

I am retired and live on the East coast of Florida where I spend much of my time reading, playing with photography and trying to write some "poetry and then some" at dianneebejer.wordpress.com. I care deeply about many things and wish there was much more love and compassion in this world today. I also have a part time blog "Thought You Might Like This" diannesthingsat.wordpress.com used for special projects and occasional things of interest
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